Tamara Scheer





Name:     Dr. Tamara Scheer

Position: Hertha Firnberg-Stipendiatin (FWF) am
               Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Historische Sozialwissenschaft

Email:     tamara.scheer@univie.ac.at



With the support of an advanced postdoc grant from the Austrian Science Fond, I am currently writing my habilitation/monograph entitled "From Language to Nation: Multilingualism in the Habsburg Army, 1868-1914". I am also teaching history of Habsburg Central Europe at the Institute for East European History at the University of Vienna.
In previous years I have published three monographs (see below) and well as numerous articles in volumes and journals in German and English mainly, but they were also published in several other languages. Beside Vienna, I taught in Budapest and Ljubljana, and was visiting fellow at the European University Institute (Florence), Trinity College Dublin and Dobrovsky Fellow at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.
Geographically, my research and teaching covers mainly Continental Europe and the Ottoman Empire, thematically I am focusing on empires/nation states and diversity, state crisis, occupation and military intervention, as well as state of emergency.
Beside writing my book, I am doing research for three journal articles (working titles):

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